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Diverse Shoots Rental

The way bridal wear is loaned for professional styled shoots is changing!!! I will still only be loaning bridal wear for shoots that include models from marginalised groups (BIPoC, LGBTQI+, Models size 18+, visible or non visible disabilities, mature models) but I will now be charging a small fee for items and the process to request bridal wear has also changed. 

I have decided to charge for loaning bridal wear as it takes time to prepare bridal wear for shoots and send them, it takes even more time to check and clean them once the bridal wear has been returned. 


The wedding industry is already over saturated with images of what society deems 'normal' and as a business I have made a commitment to rebalance the imbalance by only loaning bridal wear for styled shoots that include


I hope this encourages other wedding industry allies to think more consciously about representation when planning styled shoots.  


  • Complete the following questionnaire so we can get more information about your styled shoot

  • If your shoot aligns with our brand and includes models from the groups mentioned, we will send you further information on how to reserve your bridal wear and a contract outlining our T&C's

  • Using the link, you will be able to enter a new website to reserve and pay for the bridal wear 

  • Once the contract has been signed and bridal wear paid for, your date will be confirmed

  • You will receive your bridal wear at least 2 days before your styled shoot 

  • You are responsible for checking the bridal wear and informing me of any damage within 24 hours of receiving your package


  • DAY 1: Receive bridal wear

  • DAY 2: Photoshoot day!

  • DAY 3: Get dress ready to send back and inform me of any damage

  • DAY 4: Send dress with recorded delivery and send me the tracking number


  • Rental Period: Min 4 days - Extra days are charged at £30 per day 

  • Damage Fee: £200

  • Postage: No more than £15 each way

  • Price Range: £10 - £50 per day

  • Sizes Available: UK8 - UK22

Below are some styles that will be available to rent! This collection will grow over the coming months!


Ottawa Mini

Coming May 2022

Franko & Francesko Jacket

Lyi Top & Kleo Shorts