Ida Torez

Arriving in October

Ida Torez is a demonstration of the right of every woman to be not only pretty and feminine, but also sexy on the day of her wedding. Extravagant and sensual dresses for daring brides.

These dresses are not for the faint hearted and are perfect for registry, destination and badass weddings!

  • Most styles can be ordered in sizes 6 - 18 

  • Studio samples vary from sizes 8 - 16 (Some dresses can be pinned to bigger & smaller frames)

  • Lead times vary between 4 - 5 months

  • Styles range from £1,399 - £2,499

Once you've chosen your favourite styles, click on the button below to book an appointment now!

Feeling of Passion

Coming October 2022


Coming October 2022

Femme Fatale

Coming October 2022


Coming October 2022

Ofsadelle Curve