Sample Sale

What is a sample?

A sample is a dress or bridal wear that has been tried on by brides to be in the studio but not on their wedding day so there may be minor flaws or defects like missing buttons, loose beading or thread, dust marks around the hem . Samples are usually sold to make way for new bridal wear or when old collections have been discontinued.

How much can I expect to save on a sample?

You can save up to 75% off the RRP of bridal wear so you can expect to spend as little as £399 on a a sample. Remember that samples can usually be taken out at least 2 sizes either way (not all) so you will also need to put money aside for alterations. 

How do I pay for my sample?

We will not be taking cash on the day, instead payments can be made through our Paypal QR code

Can I return my sample?

Unfortunately samples are non refundable so please ensure you check the bridal wear properly as once checked and purchased the sale is final

What if I'm interested in a dress that is not a sample?

If you are interested in our new collection bridal wear, you will be able to put down a deposit at the event or alternatively you can book a 2 hour appointment at the studio. I return