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Re wear to care (for the environment obvs!)

With our new Causals Collection we have made it easy for budget, style and eco conscious brides to kill three birds with one stone. Pieces form our Casuals Collection can be mixed and matched but also accessorised differently to create more looks after your wedding day.

Belts, shoes, jewellery and even hair and make up can be changed to create a whole new look with the same bridal wear... And we're here for it!

What if you choose a dress that's not from our Casuals Collection? Well, that's pretty simple, If you want to do your bit, consider donating to a charity shop, or reselling on sites such as Ebay or Still White. There are pros and cons to each wedding dress selling platform and depending on the way you like to do things, it's worth looking into them all as, for example, it's unlikely you will be able to sell your wedding dress on Ebay for as much as you would on Still White but then the fees on Still White may be slightly higher but you're guaranteed the right audience for a quicker sale.

The biggest pros to donating or reselling your dress is the joy it will bring to know someone loves it just as much as you did, and the money you'll receive for something that would have been left to gather dust.

The best advice would be to manage your expectations. Wedding dresses are similar to cars, they depreciate pretty quickly so you want to avoid keeping them locked up in the loft for too long. They also have the tendency to start yellowing (especially lace & sequins) if they are not kept out of sunlight.

I hope that's given you some food for thought and some ideas on what you may do with your bridal wear after the day has passed.

Image: Fey - Rara Avis Casuals Collection

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