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Crazy In Love

"A Crazy In Love Bride is not a wall flower - they are fierce, authentic and not afraid to do things differently to stand out from the crowd - They believe in their magic and unrivalled beauty that they possess from within"


Created by Melissa Cheesewright (that's me in the pics ;)), Crazy In Love is inspired by my own wedding dress and self love journey coupled with my life long passion for fashion & styling.


Battling (literally) with the vision my mother had for me & the anxiety of wondering what friends and family would think of my quirky/weird style, I found it difficult finding bridal wear that showed my wild and carefree personality without breaking the bank or only existing on Pinterest!


My search took me down many dead ends only to find all the amazing images I'd saved on Instagram just weren't accessible without ordering blindly online. I ended up ordering my wedding dress from Grace Loves Lace which is based in Australia, so that's a little insight into the lengths I had to go to find something a little different, within my budget and from a brand I truly resonated with.

Fast forward a year and I have made it my mission to bring some amazing European designers to the UK that are not only about quality, but also take seriously every brides personality with designs that are not easily accessible in the UK. Another really important mission for me is to ensure brides from all walks of life are represented in the bridal industry. There are still many groups that are overlooked and I want to do all I can to ensure they are seen, heard and made to feel beautiful and worthy xxx 


If you are looking for modern & unique bridal wear, then you're in the right place!!!!  Talking from experience, I wish I had been brave enough to wear wtf I wanted and not felt 'obliged' to conform to traditions that I don't believe in. I hate having regrets so I want to help you find something you truly feel like YOU in... Be it a queen, goddess or a rebel chick! (Sassy brides are my fave!)

I work with highly skilled and talented European designers who are bold in their designs, colours & materials. All wedding dresses are handmade an made with TLC.

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